Overview of Services

Essential EMR Solutions offers a full menu of consulting services to help healthcare organizations and medical practices operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.



Our primary services are to help medical practices of any size achieve utilization and Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. One of our specialties is working with small-medium physician practices in urban and under-served regions of Central Ohio. We also offer a range of Healthcare IT and practice marketing services to help healthcare organizations improve the quality of care provided while reducing costs and risks.


Getting started with our EHR Consulting Services

The first stage of our efforts is typically a Practice Readiness Assessment (PRA), which normally requires two days of embedded onsite work.

Practice Readiness Assessment

The Practice Readiness Assessment typically includes the following activities:

  • Overview of Meaningful Use Compliance
  • Staff Skills Survey and Evaluation
  • Current Workflow Observation and Analysis
  • Report on  HIPAA Compliance
  • Report on medical records management
  • Recommendations for Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Health Records and Workflow Transformation Plan

Based on the results of the Practice Readiness Assessment we discuss with you our findings and recommendations. This includes the plans and goals for EMR/EHR systems, HIPAA compliance, and how to redesign and implement new workflows for the practice that will improve performance and achieve Meaningful Use (Stages 1 or 2, depending on the current state of the practice).

Technology Selection (or Review) and Implementation

We work with practices at all stages of EMR/EHR technology adoption. This includes:

  1. Practices that successfully achieved and maintain Stage 1 Meaningful Use and are preparing/implementing Stage 2
  2. Practices that achieved Stage 1 Meaningful Use but have not maintained that level of use and need to become ready for an audit or Stage 2
  3. Practices that may have Technology (an EHR system) but are not using it effectively at Stage 1 Meaningful Use and HIPAA Compliance
  4. Practices that have not yet purchased or implemented an electronic medical records system

If needed, we help in a vendor-neutral manner with technology selection (or replacement) for the EHR product that best fits the needs of your practice. We work with you to develop the Strategic Implementation Plan and then to execute this plan to install and set up the system, train your users, and transform workflows to utilize the EHR and integrate it into the practice. We help you take advantage of new opportunities to increase efficiency and lower costs of operating the business. We supervise your Go-Live Action Plan and ensure that your practice is HIPAA compliant and achieving Meaningful Use measures.

Meaningful Use Pre-Audits and Reporting and HIPAA Compliance

For practices that have an EMR/EHR system in place, we offer a pre-audit analysis of Meaningful Use core measures and quality measures. We create the reports you need to ensure that you are audit-ready, and also have the Meaningful Use stimulus reports if needed. We can also perform Workflow Assessments, HIPAA Compliance analysis and reports, and data security/disaster recovery analysis and recommendations.

Practice Maintenance and Improvement Services

We know that medical practices devote their efforts to treating patients and managing operations. That often leaves little time or attention to routine maintenance activities. We can take over these responsibilities for you. For a small monthly fee our professional service associates will come in one-two times per month to: review Meaningful Use measures and effective use of your EMR/EHR systems, help you manage your EHR vendor relationship and make sure your software and modules are up to data, ensure audit-readiness, perform HIPAA compliance assessments and data security reviews, survey workflow practices to look for opportunities to improve efficiency,  and let you know about current or upcoming policy and regulatory changes that may impact your practice.

Additional Services – Healthcare IT and Practice Marketing

We offer a set of additional service that depend on the needs of the healthcare organization. They include the following:

– Appointment reminders (automated via phone/text/email)

– Offsite computer backup

– Telehealth opportunities

– Paperless/digital Patient registration

– Patient Portals

– New or updated websites to best market your medical services